Saturday, October 7, 2017

Romwe wish list

Decided to make another wishlist for this new season.
Every new season i try to find my "iconic" pieces, i mean the trendy pieces that i really want for the next season.
And if i had to name them i would say for sure: plaid coats, turtleneck sweaters and red pieces. Red has ben one of my favorite colors and i like to wear it in some small details like a belt or a bag, i also like red shoes, in a coat o sweater for a bigger impact and i also really like to wear red from red to toe actually.
Here i leave you my favorite pieces of those trends that i found at Romwe.

Plaid coats are the biggest trend for this winter season, and i absolutely love everything plaid. This is one of my absolutely favorite, you can find it here.

And what better to wear under a plaid coat? A turtleneck sweater! i absolutely love the black sweater + black jeans combo with a plaid coat over it. You can find this sweater here.

A red blazer is the prefect red piece because it's so versatile. It can be wore with a simple white tee, some mom jeans and sneakers, or with some trendy sweat pants a turtleneck and some heels cute heels, all black with mules, you name it. You can find this one here

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  1. Clicked on all the links to check the items out, you really picked three great pieces! :D