Thursday, October 19, 2017

Red boots

This red boots really are something!
Red is the color of the season, and I like to fill my wardrobe with some statement pieces in this colors, and i like my statement pieces not only pretty and trendy but also with great quality, that way even the simplest of the looks is elevated, that's why i like Prof shoes, they always have the newest trends and the quality couldn't be better.
Prof shoes are great and trendy. If you're really into red boots as i am, you can find this boots here, if those are not your style, go and check Prof anyway they have a huge selection.
In this outfit the boots are matching a very thin stripe on my vintage blazer, i think you can't really see it on the photos tho, i love to add a pop os color to black looks, but i also like to have different "shades" of black, i think the look turn out much more interesting if there is a faded black piece, like my jeans here, or a really dark grey detail like the blazer, and also prints and textures are so so important, here the fabric of the blazer as some texture and a very discrete stripes print in white and red.
Hope you like this look.

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