Sunday, October 15, 2017

Knit and straw

Who would say that this outfit would be perfect for middle October? Although it feels so good to have warm weather for so long it worries me a lot this climate change and the devastation it can bring along with it.
As for my outfit, y'all know i'm a sucker for all black, but before i used to wear all black without a trace of another color, know i like to bring some other colors or texture into my outfits. The straw bag immediately pops on the outfit and it matches the hell of my Shuzee sandals perfectly.
What inspired me to put this outfit together was actually the top, i absolutely love off the shoulder tops, and i have to say that this is my favorite one, love the knit, and the sleeves are to die for. The top is from in The Style and you can find it here

Don't ever forget to add mascara after your makeup is done? omfg lately i forget to apply my mascara a lot and i ended with crazy eyes without lashes at all, because my lashes are that long or even that full, it happened to me like 4 times this last few months and that have never happened before, i keep forgetting to apply my mascara xD you can perfectly see it in this photos hahaha.

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