Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Autumn vibes

Could wear all black everyday. Although lately i've been wearing more color i always end up missing black, and this past days i've been wearing black a lot.
Here i'm wearing some black Levi's 501 and a plain black tee also from Levi's, Levi's is one of my favorite brands since i was not even a teenager, for me Levi's works both basic and as accessory, the simplest of Levi's pieces can stand alone perfectly for me. I have brands that i always respect, because i think they are intemporal, like Levi's, RayBan, Converse all star, they are classics that are always up to date.
You just need some trendy pieces and a outfit can be updated forever, here i'm wearing this check blazer that i absolutely love, and although i don't want winter to arrive i'm happy that fall days allow me to wear this blazer as much as i want.
The belt also make this look very trendy, the belt is from Rosegal and you can find it here.

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