Wednesday, August 2, 2017

White, blue, mocha

Light colors for summer.
Lately i've been wearing so much more colors and color combos than before, i'm still the number one fan of black and dark colors are my favorite but i think i'm just getting more versatile and more into different styles and trends. And this summer i've been wearing a lot of light, pastel colors mixed with other light colors like white, or warm colors like brown instead of black and i'm loving it.
Here i'm wearing a one shoulder top that i absolutely love (every time i open my closet doors i see it turn more and more into blue + white stripes really.
This top is from Missy Empire and you can find it here.
I'm also wearing the shoes that i've been wearing the most lately, they are so cute and soooo comfortable! You can find them at In The Style, buy them here.
Hope you're liking this new, lighter vibe :)

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