Thursday, August 10, 2017

Suede for summer

Love this top so much!
How cute is it? It screams summer, and i absolutely love the bow detail, me and bows, always choose tops with some kind of bow, knot or ribbon, i just think it looks so vintage.
This one is one of my favorite, so cute and girly, and so versatile, it's perfect to take to the beach but it also looks amazing in everyday life outfits, like this or even in chicer ones, i think it would love gorgeous with wide leg trousers and some cute heels.
The top is from Romwe and you can find it here.
If you're following me from the beginning of my blog, ou guys know that i always loved to wear boots during summer, before i didn't even bought sandals, i just didn't like them, and i used to wear boots in all the season, including summer. Lately i've been much more versatile and fell in love pretty hard for sandals to be honest, but boots are still one of my favorite things in the world. If i had to choose my favorite things to wear, i would say boots and coats, it has always been like that.
This one are pretty amazing, they are so versatile, if you're into that cali girl vibe this are perfect, if you like simple and good shoes this are perfect as well. Well they are pretty amazing no matter what style you like! They are from Dropp and you can buy them at Prof, or buy them online here.