Thursday, May 25, 2017

The red bag

Hey guys! 
Missed to post so so so much, but i'm working full time right now in my degree in Interior Design, and then i got so so sick with the flu, like for 3 weeks i felt like crap, and then every weekend something happened that wouldn't let me take any pics, either it was raining like hell or i had important appointments, well, that lead me not to post for almost a month.
Although i'm so tired right now because i don't have any time for my self, as i leave the house around 8 o'clock in the morning and only get back 12 hours lately, and i still have o prepare dinner, take care of the house have a little time with my boyfriend and also with my pets, and i'm exhausted lately, i will try to post as regularly as i posted before, i just have to organize my self and focus, and i will manage to do it.
Well summer is just around the corner and the weather is so warm right now (it would have been great if i had free time, but since i'm working all day it's not very cool ;) .
I've been living in jeans lately (remember when i only wore skirts or dresses?) i just feel so comfy and love to be a little bit more casual. This jeans are one of my latest favorite, they are from In The Style and you can find them here.
I'm not wearing black at all in this look for a change, and that's because of this gorgeous red bag. I've always wanted a red bag actually but never fell in love with any particular one before, until i laid my eyes on this babe, it's just perfect, and i will wear it a lot, like A LOT really.
The bag is from VIPme, and as you guys already know VIPme has my favorite bags, well all of mine are from VIPme and i couldn't be happier, either with how gorgeous they and how good their quality is.
You can find the one i'm wearing here, and you cam use the code: Claudia572 at VIPme to get $5 OFF on Orders Over $50.

To make this casual look a little more elegant i decided to wear this Public desire pumps that i absolutely love.
And also my boyfriend just bought this hexagonal Ray Ban's and i will stole them from him a lot.

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