Thursday, April 6, 2017


Decided to take some photos inside for a change.
Both in all black, but one with silver and the other with gold details.
I this gold, specially rose gold, is such a sweet and delicate color, so i like to wear accessories in this color when my outfits are more elegant, chic or feminine, in this first look i'm wearing a lace cami from SheIn and some cute feminine heels from 4th & Reckless so i think gold really works here. 
It was the perfect time to wear my Daniel Wellington classic petite watch for the first time, i'm absolutely in love with this watch and can't stop wearing it, i have it for a little over 10 days and i think i wore it 9 times during this time. You can find the watch here and you can use the discount code “HOLY-NIGHTS” for 15% off of all products at Daniel Wellington until the end of April.
All the accessories beside the watch are from Minimalist Jewellery and you can find them all here. Minimalist Jewellery is for sure my favorite Jewellery store online.

Another all black look, but so different from the first one.
This one is much more laid back and causal so it asks for silver details, just a few, here i'm wearing one of my favorite pair of boots, this mirrored ones from New Look, and my The 5th watch over my sleeve as i like them :)
Spring has the perfect sweater weather, i'm so in love with this one from Kates Clothing, you can find it here.

Hope you like this inside looks.


  1. You're very inspo for people! Great job! ♥

  2. The picture where your dog is trying to reach you is gold. <3 Amazing! :D

  3. Lovely outfit, followed your blog for a while now and every post is something which is interesting!