Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Faded black denim skirt

I like my clothes as close to black as they can be :)
Faded black denim is one of my favorite, just to bring some difference but not too much as black is and will always be my favorite color.
Here i'm wearing a faded black denim skirt from Romwe, you can find it here. I'm really into denim skirt lately and just wish i've kept all my old denim skirt form when i was on high school, but somehow they all disappeared.
All the look is very casual and monochromatic, just a graphic tee, a cool discrete coat, because denim skirts paired with fishnets tend to go little cheap and too sexy, what i don't like, so a oversized unisex tee can really bring that vibe down, and the discrete simple coat can cover me up a little more.
The coat is from Jolly-Chic and you can find it here.
As this looks screamed for silver detail i had to wear my favorite boots from New Look, and watch + cuff from Daniel Wellington.

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