Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Denim and stripes

Spring it's just around the corner!
Here already feels and smells a bit like spring, and i decided to put up my favorite kind of spring outfit.
Although i wear denim all year long i find it so cold during winter, jeans are the coldest thing and it feels horrible to put them up in the morning as they are always so cold, does anyone feels the same about jeans??
For me the perfect season to wear denim are both spring and fall, during summer too, but only shorts or skirts. I think this outfit really screams spring, the shirt is so light and i actually wear a lot of blue during spring, and the off shoulder + hair up it's already so nice to wear.
Spring and fall are for sure my favorite seasons.
Here i'm wearing both jacket and jeans from Levi's, my new favorite striped shirt from SheIn, you can find it here, this sleeves are gorgeous and i already can't stop wearing it.
The shoes are my absolute favorite sandals, they are from Shuzee and you can find them here
And off course, the watch is from The5th, i only feel ready when i have my watch on my wrist and i think that an outfit it's only finished with a watch.

1 comment:

  1. lovely style! Absolutely love the shirt and the sleeves!

    Jo x