Monday, December 12, 2016

Velvet and lace

I've always loved slip dresses. In velvet or silk, with a tee or a sweater or with nothing underneath, with boots, sandals or sneakers, i've always loved them!
This one is without a doubt my favorite one, for so many reasons. First of all i absolutely love velvet, and this one being black makes it the perfect color and material dress. Then the lace inserts are just amazing, make it look so romantic, and bring that lingerie vibe so in right now.
I think it will be a perfect outfit for Christmas eve, don't you? I'm just still thinking if i throw a tee or a sweater underneath to be more cozy and warm or if i just wear it like it because it is so gorgeous and every time i need to go outside i just put a warm coat on. Well, not quite sure yet, but i will definitely wear it!
As a huge velvet fan that i am, i'm gonna wear it with this amazing pair of velvet booties, they are from Dropp a exclusive brand from Prof, they have them in velvet blue too, they are so amazing, you can find the boots here! And they have the perfect chunky heel.
The choker i'm waring it's also in velvet, just 'cause one can never wear to much velvet!
This dress is from VIPME and you can find it here. It comes in other amazing colors too, i'm just a sucker for black but i had a hard time deciding which color to choose, because i also love green and navy velvet so much.
If you are as much as a velvet fan that i am, go and check VIPME because they have lot's of velvet outfits, i personally have my eye in a pants + blazer suit, but then the doubt strikes again: black, green or blue? just LOVE velvet!

The Holidays are so nearby, in less than two weeks, can't believe how quickly this year passed!


  1. Perfect:) xx

  2. Black velvet is my favourite dress style :)

  3. I absolutely love your style! This dress is stunning and you look beautiful in it!

    -Sam /

  4. Really nice :) Amazing total look
    I love so much this your looking :)

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