Monday, December 19, 2016


Wanted to talk to you a little bit one of my favorite online stores, StyleWe.
If you are into minimalism, and casual/chic, as much as i am, you will love Stylewe too.
They have the most amazing selection of sweaters and coats, my absolute favorite thing to buy online.
If you want to be cozy and stylish, coats and sweaters, and also shoes, are the key. I prefer them oversized, as chinky and big as they can be.
Here you have an mazing selection of my top favorite coats, in my favorite colors and shapes for this winter:

Of course i had to pick some robe coats, and some loose oversized ones too. You can find a really big section of coats here, they have every style you can imagine, even if you're not into oversized styles or robe coats like me, or neutral dark colors, you can find all different kinds of shapes and colors.

Knit are the must of this winter, and a sweater can say a lot about your style, i love them loose and oversized, and always pair them either with heeled boots or sneakers, love a laid back casual/chic and being effortlessly chic. Here is a selection of my favorite sweaters:

You can see that sober colors are my kind of thing, but i also like strong vibrant colors, and StyleWe as such a wide range selection of them too.

The quality of each StyleWe piece of cloth is amazing, and quality is one of the most important things for me when it comes to my clothes, i like durable pieces, and really good materials.

You can find StyleWe website here to check all their amazing clothes, and if you're still planning on buying some late Christmas present or even to buy a statement New Year's eve outfit, and look amazing in your party night.
StyleWe is also on Instagram, check it here if you want to see their latest snaps, and also on Facebook.

Have fun while you shop ;)

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