Thursday, December 22, 2016

Baby it's cold outside. GIVEAWAY

It's so cold outside and knit is my new best friend! Winter is officially here, and i have to be cozy!
If i had photos of my teenage years i would show them to you, because i was completely crazy back then, i used to spent all winter in sleeveless tops with deep necks, like my chest area was always exposed, and my belli button showing too! and i only wore those kind of really warm parka jackets over the tops, the ones with feather linings, completely opened. I don't know if the years are making me weaker :D or if i was just crazy back then, because now i have to wear almost all my closet at once and i even live in a much warmer city now!
Aren't we all kind of ashamed of our teenage years :D?
Well right now long, chunky warm coats are my thang!
Here i'm wearing the perfect oversized cardigan from VIPME, you can find it here, it comes in other amazing colors too.

Today i bring you the chance to win a $20 gift card ($20 off $20) prize at, there you can find lot's of warm coats like this and so much more, well everything you want really :)

Just follow this simple GIVEAWAY for a $20 gift card ($20 off $20)steps:

1.       US participants only 

2.       Register at (and get a $25 coupon, just for signing in) and follow @vipme_official on IG.

3.       Leave your email addresses in the comment box down below the post i made on my Instagram with the hashtag #giveaway 

4.     The winner will be announced in the first day of the year, to start your year in the best way possible!