Friday, November 25, 2016


Cold weather is officially ON! Kinda missed it, kinda not :) I love winter clothes but i hate to be cold, so one of the most important thing in my closet are the coats.
I got have long warm coats in lots of different colors in my wardrobe, but the black ones are always the more important ones. I like them classic and long, so i ca throw them over any outfit and be cold and stylish. A long coat really can take over a look, that's why i find so important so find the perfect ones, there are so many styles and shapes and some work better than the others.
Here i'm wearing a simple, with a clean cut, long and with a bit of masculine vibe brought by the smoking like lapel. This one is perfect for elegant and classic looks, i love the boyish vibe of it and i think it works amazing if you contrast it with the girliest dress, a lace one for example, but i also think it looks amazing pair with a white man shirt, blue jeans and a pair of boots or even some masculine flat shoes for example.
The coat i'm wearing is from VIPME and you you are as a coat fanatic as i am, go and check the website because they have a lot of coats, really! In all the styles you can imagine and in all the colors, i kinda have my eye in a handful of coat from VIPME, specially the more minimal ones, so trendy this winter.
Something about this coat really reminds me of Rachel Green's (from Friends) coats, they are all so elegant and Rachel's style is always spot on!
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As i told you guys before i was dying to style this sweater with a all black base outfit, and i finally did it! Love how grid patters work in monochromatic looks. The sweater is from SheIn and you can find it here.

The watch + bracelet combo i'm wearing is from Daniel Wellington, and it's my favorite thing to wear! Love Daniel Wellington's watches and the bracelets are so amazing too.
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