Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Once upon a time i used to wear denim a lot, but since i started wearing black jeans during my high school time i kinda left denim slowly go away from my closet, but now i want it back! Love all shades of denim, light wash to medium wash to the drakes of the washes, and i seriously need to go thrifting for some vintage goodies (that are always the best).
Dark denim can be so discrete and elegant and paired with black and white can be really chic.
Off course i stole this jacket from y boyfriend's closet, and the shirt too :) I really like to add boyish elements to the look, makes it very trendy and minimal.
Here i'm wearing all denim pieces from Levi's, boots from Solewish and accessories from Soufeel, the personalized name necklace is amazing!

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