Saturday, November 5, 2016

Black textures

Velvet, velvet, velvet! Velvet has been one of my favorite textures and fabrics for a really long time, people always say: "That is nothing blacker than black suede" but i really think that nothing is more back than black velvet, this boots are in such a deep perfect black! And the shininess of the velvet makes them great!
You know that sensation when you buy something new and suddenly all the stuff in your closet looks old? In this case all my black jeans look ugly when matched with this perfect black boots. Believe me they just look so perfect! I think they will look amazing paired with light wash denim or even a velvet dress for a all velvet look, ideal for the upcoming Holiday season.
The boots are from Dropp, Dropp it's an exclusive brand from Prof and you can only find it on Prof physical stores here in Portugal and online at This brand is so cool and edgy! And the quality of the shoes is always amazing. This boots also come in velvet blue, so trendy right now and so gorgeous.
Go check them out and you'll find the perfect shoes for his winter.
The rest of the outfit it's all from ChicWish. I'm so in love with this long sleeve kind os sweaters this winter, they go with everything, from casual paired with light denim or more trendy and elegant if you wear it under a slip dress.
You can find both skirt + sweater here