Thursday, October 20, 2016

n a v y

I almost always wear black as a base from my outfits and sometimes i forget that are so many other neutral colors, as dark blue or navy for example. It's such a classic color and that i think that tend to result as a very casual color, every time i wear navy, specially when i also wear blue jeans the whole outfit looks very casual to me.
Although this are very very dark jeans (that almost look black) this are in fact blue, and i love how blue jeans look paired with navy stripes, such a casual everyday combo, with both a shirt or a oversized sweater this is a classic combo, the shirt makes the look a bit more elegant than the tee. 
The high heeled shoes bring some elegance to the look, as i don't like to be very much causal, i always like to mix casual with chic.
The bomber keep this look very trendy and updated, and it's so so versatile i actually want to wear this bomber with everything.
This bomber is from NA-KD and you can find it here, it comes in lots of different colors just check it out to find your fave.