Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bandana choker

Black and white it's a all time combo, it doesn't matter if it's spring, summer, fall or winter, it's always appropriate and it never goes out of fashion. As boring as a black and white outfit might seem to someone, one can be so creative with only this two colors because lot's of patterns can be mixed, and also a lot of textures or even shiny or matte pieces. 
2 people can wear black and white outfits all the time and yet have a completely different style.

Here i wanted to try a bandana as a choker, i have this bandana for years and i honestly never wore it, and every time i thought about wearing it was always as a head bandana. But now i cannot see my neck without a choker, i got so used to them that i always think that is something missing when i don't wear one. 

Don't you love when the seasons change and you have to fill your wardrobe with all kinds of different new shoes? I just love it. Because you can still wear pretty much everything from the last season but the new pair of shoes will make such a huge difference. As the weather gets cooler i (very sadly) need to stop wearing sandals and have to change them for more closed up shoes. The shoes that i'm wearing here are the perfect shoe for the beginning of fall because they cover your feet a little more.
This ones are so cute, i love the transparent PVC details, so trendy right now.