Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Slip dress and tee

Wearing the last fresh looks. The weather right now it's perfect for an outfit like this, and the tee under tops or dresses new trend is very helpful during the transition seasons, because it allows us to wear our fresh summery tops and dresses and be a bit more comfy and warm.
Actually i always were such a fan of mixing summer fabrics with winter fabrics and for that reasons i can wear my summer clothes during fall and even winter, for example i love how a dress like this or a cami top with lace details look when paired with a chunky knit cardigan.
The dress is from SheIn and you can find it here, they also have so many cami/slip dresses perfect to wear over a t-shirt, like this one or even this one. Perfect for this fall season.

This backpack is my new favorite and i can't stop wearing it. It's from VIPME and you can find it here. It's the most gorgeous backpack because it's so simple and at the same time kind of edgy and the quality is amazing. And also the size is perfect to carry everything around.
VIPME it's a female website that constantly looks to empowering women, women individuality, our self-awareness and our inner-selves, as unique beings and individuals, go check their video up here
If you use the code Claudia218 you have an instant $5 off $50 purchase.

The watch is from Locman.


  1. Love that slip dress. It's the perfect transition piece for fall and winter <3



  2. Gotta love a slip dress and tee combo! Great layering <3