Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Lace, chifon and denim

Just love cami lace tops like this one!
Actually what i love the most lately are versatile pieces, not to basic, but pieces that can go with everything and that can be transformed depending on how you wear them. A top like this can be used as the simplest more casual piece when pared with a pair of jeans and a pair f black booties or sneakers, but if you pair it with a elegant skirt and a pair of heels it can be the most feminine and elegant piece in a wardrobe, plus if you wear it with a white tee underneath it can be so trendy right now. I actually want to try it in every single outfit i just described.
Here i'm wearing it with a pair of jeans + heels keeping the look not to casual nor to elegant, the long maxi dress/shirt really work as a interesting piece to make the look a little bit different.
Everything i'm wearing (besides the shoes) are from SheIn and you can find everything here.


  1. super:) xx

  2. So elegant and chic!


  3. The maxi shirt and the top are gorgeous! You look great!