Thursday, July 28, 2016

Vintage Red

Although this tee kinda looks pink in this pics, it's color is a faded vintage red that i love and that looks amazing paired with burgundy (in person it looks much better).
This is such a simple look to pu up, so easy go wear and very casual, perfect to wear everyday, the heels make it a bit more elegant, but other than that everything else is very casual.
I'm kind of obsessed with Jesus Gets The Girl t-shirts, they are actually the only tees i'm wearing lately. Check JGTG here.
When i found this bomber, in a thrift store, i immediately thought about pairing it with this tee, to accentuate the vintage in it. 


  1. That bomber jacket is gorgeous! Such a cool find, love it x
    Holly x
    The Twins' Wardrobe

  2. super look:) xx

  3. I'm in love with your bomber, the color it's really nice!!

  4. Que linda, adoro o look

  5. So this bomber was a match made in heaven for this tee because the fact that it looks pink and goes so well makes the outfit stand out. ;)