Monday, July 25, 2016

Silver Silk Dress

I've always loved silver silk cami dresses, i loved them when my style was a it more grunge and edgy and i love them now that i'm following a more chic vibe. I love them mini, midi and maxi! And i like to wear them specially with black details and dark lips.
I still like how they look when paired with docs, or chunky heels but this time i decided to wear it with a simple pair of strappy, stilettos keeping it very 90's chic.
This dress was so different, but i changed it completely, it was a midi/maxi, straight (square chape) dress, with 2 big splits on each side, but it never worked for my body, but i've always loved the fabric and the color and was trying to figure out how to change it, i decided to do the knots and to make it mini and flare on the bottom by adding a triangle shaped pieces of the fabric on each side, and i really like how it turned out.


  1. Nice:) xx

  2. You look stunning, this silver dress is so perfect, love the twist on the waist, it makes it all <3

  3. Your dress looks fantastic!! I made this in a floral poly chiffon, and it was a beast to get it looking good.

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