Saturday, May 28, 2016

Black Dress

I was kinda missing my hat, it uses to be with me almost everyday and now i barely wear it :(
This is such a cute black dress, i really love the open front detail of the top and the length of the full skirt, one can never have to many black dresses right? I like to have them in lot's of different styles, from casual and laid back ones, to classic, to edgy and to formal ones.
My style evolved a lot in the last year, and this is the perfect piece to link my new style to my old style, it could perfectly be part of my wardrobe 2 years ago, and i would wear it with a pair of creepers and sheer black tights, now i wear it with a pair of lace up heels and still works, it very versatile and can be part of a lot of different style wardrobes. 
Hope you like this look.


  1. super:) xx

  2. I love this dress! It looks so beautiful and the shoes are perfect for it! :)