Monday, April 18, 2016

Your Tea-Liver Clenase

Student life sometimes lead to a fast way of living, and although i do care about my alimentation sometimes i just need to grab something and hit the classes, other times i have to work 48 hours in a row making some interior design project and i don't even have the time to cook. As i use to cook every meal from breakfast to dinner, when i'm in a rush i tend to buy quick and easy snacks and, because of my very very fast metabolism i tend to choose things high in calories because i tend to be very skinny (in all my photos i look much heavier than i look in person, like 10 pounds or more heavier, i'm 170 cm and my weigh is 52-53 kg).
So this snacks aren't always very healthy and my digestive system doesn't work very well during those days.
I try to drink some detox smoothies sometimes but i usually just drink green tea twice a day, because i don't like coffee's taste and it makes me very agitated and nervous, so i always stick to my green tea.
As i'm trying to get healthier i decided to try a liver cleanse, because the benefits are amazing. 
This tea cleansing is from Your Te and you can fin them online here.
It makes you feel more vital, and much better inside and out, it improves the skin and lately i'm having so many skin problems, such as acne and eczema, and all that happened right after my digestive system began to break down. This tea will really help with that and i can't wait to finish the cleanse to have better skin, better digestion, and even a better mood, because all this bring a bit down and makes a bit more anxious.
Today is my first day and i'm loving to drink a new tea, i wad a bit tired of my usual green one.
I'm loving the items and the book that comes with the tea treatment, it has tips to be healthier and amazingly healthy recipes too.
This will help me with my immunity system too what is great because i hate getting sick, really i have panic of flus :) 
The night tea even helps you relaxing and sleeping and all this gets you away from being irritated and tired.
I will get back to you with the results in two weeks ;)

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  1. Sounds amazing, been thinking about doing a tea cleanse for a while. x