Wednesday, April 6, 2016

F l a r e s

Love when the 70s and minimal styles meet in a outfit.
This outfit can be really minimal, because it's all black, with simple shapes and plain materials, the 70s vibe it's brought by the very wide flare pants, the material of the pants it's much more elegant than a pair of jeans and that rally makes the look more elegant.
I really love to wear them in a all black outfit, this time i matched them with a deep v bodysuit, but i really can't wait for warmer days to wear them with a flare bandeau top and a thick choker, this could really work with a shirt too and a blazer if you want to go more elegant and minimal.
The coat it's from Zaful.
To bring a little bit more of a bohemian vibe to the look i combined this two choker, the pendent one is from Dixi, go check Dixi out you'll find amazing things.

1 comment:

  1. You look amazing with that outfit, I love how you styled flares with a duster coat. I wish I was thinner to wear flares, they just look so nice, very 70s, less boho more disco.