Monday, April 11, 2016

Black lace

I can't get tired of a all black look, for the contrary if i stop wearing black for 2 days i missed like i haven't wore it for a whole year :)
I really like lace bra/tops like this, i think that they are so romantic and feminine, they can look amazing with lots of different bottoms, here i went for a more casual look, with faded black jeans and a blazer, but with a pencil skirt you can achieve the perfect dinner out outfit, or with a midi full skirt for more of a day kind of outfit, plus you can mix it with edgier pieces lie a leather jacket or even chunky boots, everything is possible, just use your imagination, right now i'm more on a casual/chic vibe and trying t keep it minimal and simple.
The shoes really complete the outfit, they are from Lulu*s and you can find them here
Tried something different with my makeup in this day (took this pics last week because now it's raining a lot and even snowing, i can believe it's April 11st :( ), decided to make a smokey cat eye in a light grey brown just o make the eye longer but much lighter than black eyeliner.
Hope you like it.