Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Olive green and black

Olive green is such a cool color.
I really like to wear very dark colors, such as black, burgundy and olive, for this past few years when i wanted to change from black i always wore burgundy, now i love to wear olive, i still love burgundy to death, but olive is such a nice change.
I really love very long coat, that i can put over a look and cover it all up, that way i can wear a outfit underneath that can be mofe fresh because the coat will cover it all up and i will be warm, this coat is from SheIn and you can find it here.
I really like lace up top and i really like ribbed knit, this cropped sweater is all of that and more, it looks almost black in the photos but it is olive green, a very dark shade of course. The lace up sweater is from CelebLook and you can find it here
Hope you like this look. 


  1. Olive green is definitely a colour I need more of in my wardrobe! Loving this coat.

  2. Perfect:) xx