Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dark Navy

This jumpsuit is A M A Z I G ! What it's not unusual from Motel Rocks.
Personally i love the color, a very dark navy, instead of black, in the shadow it almost looks black, but when i'm under the sun the navy tones apear and i love it.
The low back makes it so sexy and the lace up is such a beautiful detail, even being wide leg in the bottom it can really be sexy because the top part is so feminine.
I wear my hair down 99% of my life, i almost forget that a pony tail can be really cute and elegant, in this day i only made the to make some loose, messy waves on my hair using my flat iron, my intention was to put it down the moment i was finish doing the waves but i really liked how it worked out with the jumpsuit and the red lips and i decided to keep it.
I'm so glad that the weather is getting warmer and warmer and the sun brighter and brighter, i misses clothes like this so much and the warm wind on my face, i just love Spring Break so much!

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