Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Camel Suit

I'm obsessed with suits lately. Love a wide leg pair of classic suit trousers paired with sneakers, just love the laid back vibe of it in contrast with the elegance of a pants + blazer suit.
I think this is so versatile, even tho is a statement set, it can be worn in so many different ways, with a  loose sweater is a similar but lighter color, it would look amazing with a ribbed crop top in the same shade of camel, it would look so cool with a a white or black shirt, if you want to be sassier with a lace up bodysuit it would look gorgeous too. 
This suit is from Zara and i found it with over 70% discount this winter sale, such a bargain, and the quality is amazing, just love to find things like this, i usually do not like to go to stores or to the mall during Sales because there are too many people there and everything is so disorganized that i can't handle it, but i'm kind of happy i went to Zara to see the new collection and ended up finding this gorgeous suit. 
The sweater is one of my faves from this winter, the cut is amazing is kind of cropped but not to much and so loose what i really like and the back are so cute, 

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