Saturday, February 13, 2016

o l i v e

Took this pics way before Carnaval, but left them in my house, and i passed this last week in my parents's, because there the Carnaval time is really cool and we have parties ever night.
Well i have a giant flu and the weather is still awful, hate this, it's raining for almost two months straight, and i'm not able to take a lot of photos but in every break form this stormy weather i'll make some photoshoots because i have so many amazing things to show you guys :) let's hope all the rain it coming to an end and hopefully we have an amazing and sunny spring without any rain.
Olive is one of my favorite colors, i always stick to black and white, but every season i have some extra colors that i like to add to my wardrobe, last spring i was obsessed with pastel blue, this winter camel, grey, olive and burgundy.
This sweater is amazzzing and i love it so so so much that i have it in black too, check my look wearing the black one here.  But it really stands out in this shade of green. Plus the knit is so soft and so so so cozy and the really high neck is perfect. It's from SheIn and you can find this sweater here.
I enjoy this color so much that i wanted to try a all olive look.
Hope you like this look. 


  1. in love with this look and color!

  2. I'm so in love with the sweater *_*

    Great look, all khaki is such a nice idea!

    Vanessa |