Friday, January 15, 2016

b l a c k - c h e c k

Fell so in love with grey this past year, that i stopped wearing black as much, and i was fucking missing it so much!
Black is black, black is my husband, is the love of my life and sometimes i really regret to wear other colors (hahaha now i'm exaggerating!) but i missed to see me in black so much that i don't even want to stop wearing it!
There is nothing more minimal, more elegant or edgy than black!
This year of 2016 started of roughly, the weather was awful, it rained from day 1 'till yesterday and it's so so so cold and dark, i'm so sick with the flu and i barely leave the house for this two weeks, i don't know how i got it anyway.
Now the weather is giving me a break and even sick i decided to shoot some looks because i was missing it so much and i have lots of new clothes to show you guys.
For example this coat, i love robe coats, they are so comfy and warm and i love to wrap me all when it's cold outside, you can't really see the robe shape of it because it's just over my shoulders but with the belt tight up it really looks like  a robe and i love it so much. 
The length of this sweater is amazing, so different from my other ones, it's so long that it can be wear as a dress with a pair of over the knee boots for example. I love to have lots of different black sweaters, because i love to wear black and i don't like to wear the same clothes to much times.
As the weather is so cold outside i decided to dd this infinite scarf to keep me warm.


  1. Nice:) xx

  2. Gorgeous coat and bag! Lovely style!

  3. I love wearing long Jumpers, I need to get myself a black one! Love the coat you're wearing here too :)
    Holly x The Twins' Wardrobe

  4. Adorei o look! O casaco é qualquer coisa fantástica :)