Friday, November 6, 2015


Hi! Love lace up tops! Such a basic top with the most amazing detail, it's so simple to wear and loos so feminine and put together! They can be really sexy and elegante so i like to bring that down a notch with mom ripped jeans in a medium color, very comfortable and casual breaking the chic vibe. For me more lace up the better so i had to wear my lace up shoes! This top is from Zaful and you can find it here, sometimes this lace up tops has a very deep v neck that goes right to the belly bottom, those are great for a night out or special occasion what i love about this one is the length of the clevage because isn't to deep but it's not to little also, and it makes the top completely appropriate to wear during the day, for work or classes. I also wore it with a pair of bell bottom jeans and platform chunky hell suede boots for a 70s vibe and i loved it as well. This time i'm wearing it with the most gorgeous light trench coat, just love this coat so much, because it's chiffon but it's not very transparent, you can't see throw it, the fabric has so much quality at touch. The coat is also from Zaful and you can find it here. Isn't so nice to keep your Levi's denim jeans forever? They will always be back! Have tis for around 15 years i guess and i'm back on it, loving them so much rn! Hoe you like this post.