Thursday, November 12, 2015

Black and grey

Love simple/clean silhouettes like this. I guess my style is turning more and more minimal everyday. Black and grey are for sure my favorite colors to wear, combined even better. The weather is giving me a break lately and it's so sunny and warm, i'm trying to take as much photos as possible in case it starts raining like hell again. 
I always wear my hair down, i don't really like to use my hair up but i'm trying to be more versatile with it, even if i wear it always down it doesn't have to be boring, tel me some ideas that you like on how to use my hair :)
I'm wishing that this weather never goes away so i can wear this boots everyday, love them to death, they can make every single outfit so cool and different. You can find them here, they are from Ego. 
The dress is from Young Hungry Free.