Tuesday, September 22, 2015

White with a pinch of black

 The end of summer is clearly here, can't wear only a top that i immediately feel the cold breeze. And coats/trenches like this are great for this season. Very light and fresh, i'm not hot when i'm right under the warm sun, but i'm not cold when i'm in the shadow or when the day is ending and the sun is gone. This light trench coat is from Chic Wish and you can find it here. This is a almost all white look, just bring a little black to it with the stripes on my t-shirt and then i added some details like the purse or the watch. The t-shirt is from New Yorker, New Yorker has a lot of cool basics like this, lots of jerseys and casual pieces that are fundamental to have in a wardrobe. Besides the black i this look also have some gold details, they are present in the watch, that is from Daniel Wellington, on my purse, from Young Hungry Free and on my necklace that is from Style Moi and you can find it hereHope you like this summer/fall transitional outfit. 

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