Thursday, August 6, 2015


Wanted to show you my kind of beach outfits. Crochet is essential for me, just love the boho beachy vibe of it, and black is my favorite color even when i'm at the beach. In the first photos i'm wearing my favorite beach dress, is from Style Moi and i always feel so pretty and put together when i wear it, i like to wear ou of the beach too, with a skirt or dress underneath, but this is my favorite way to wear it. Find the dress here. High waisted bikini bottoms are my fav, this are from Asos. Wanted to show you this bikini top too, because i'm maddly in love with it! It's crochet and i love the high neck and i just need a pair of shorts to walk in the streets that's no need to add a top because it works so well as a crop. I was wearing my black Levi's shorts but the light got too dark and the photos are just too bad to show you guys. Also i'm completely in love with this gold tattoos from Style Moi, they are perfect to wear at the beach, in a summer party or festival and they look awesome with crochet. Go to Style Moi and have this amazing tattoos for free, you have only to pay the shipping 3.99$. Amazing giveaway hereHope you like this post :)