Friday, July 10, 2015

Simply black

All black! My favorite looks are simple as that! As i told you so many times before i love the easiness of dresses! An entire outfit with only one piece, so quick and easy to wear. This one is one of my favorites (everytime i try a new dress it becomes immediately one of my fav hahaha) love the length, something between midi and maxi. love the bodicon shape and the little details such as the split in the back and the low front and back cleavages. It's from Genuine People and you can find it here. I don't like to accessorize much elegant dresses like this one, a pair of cute heels and my choker and Daniel Wellington's watch and i'm ready to go. 


  1. Every time you post wearing those shoes I am in love all over again. So good.

    Rachel |

  2. So very chic! This outfit looks great on you, lady! xx


  3. super:) xx

  4. Simple outfits are often the best, because it's not that easy to look stylish with simple things, but this dress looks amazing, the cut is perfect for your body and I love the length, simply beautiful !