Thursday, May 14, 2015

Navy check

Hey :) Missed to post so much, but this last few weeks i had so much work to do, spend all my days on my laptop working like crazy in 3ds Max, modeling two spaces and redering, i didn't had time to do nothing else i lived and breath 3ds Max! I had to work so much that i'm actually feeling kind os sick right now, my body hurts! But i wanted to take some pics so badly and to make a post that i took a little bit of today to do that. Lately i'm so into midi body coon skirts and this one is just so awesome.because i love check so much! And this navy/white skirts makes me avoid a little bit the black clothes i'm always wearing, but well i can't avoid it completely because of my hair and shoes :) Both skirt and boots are from young Hungry Free and you can find them here and here. Hope you like this post :)