Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Fairy tail skirt

Decided to start shooting some quick videos, to show you guys the outfits better. Well this is the first one i'm not exactly proud of it, the quality isn't the best and it's the first time i edited a video, so i decided to use a online Video Editor, will keep trying to do better. Hopefully this one will encourage me to do more and better. Hope you don't hate it ;)

Any video editors you can recommend? 


  1. u look so good! i love these outfit <3 Where u bought shoes? :3
    I recommend Adobe Premmiere from Adobe Packet. But this is a bit difficult program. A lot of capabilities.. I think it is for advanced, but I think these program is the best :)

  2. Eu utilizo o Sony Vegas Pro.10, é facil de trabalhar e permite várias edições diferentes!
    É o que utilizo para os videos dos meus outfits e recomendo ❤