Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter colors

Haven't pos5t for 10 days! Missed blogging so much and have so many things to show you! Forgot my camera and had no laptop or computer with me this Spring break so every post i made i used my instagram only. Well Easter is my favorite time of the year, i like it way more than Christmas, because everything is so beautiful, the sun is shining, is just to light! And i also love to wear light colors, floral prints and light cotton knits on this time. Just like this dress from Miss Patina, one of my favorite brands, their dresses are so amazing that i wore Miss patina almost everyday this spring break, wore this one on the Easter day, the day before i wore the one i'm wearing on this post, the day before that this one and this too. Miss Patina dresses are so preppy, so elegant and vintage looking, my favorite things all in one. You can find and buy the one i'm wearing in this post here. I'm obsessing over light/pastel/baby/ashy blue and love this grayish shade of blue combined with the beige and cream embroidery. Hope you like this post.