Sunday, March 15, 2015

Maxi scarf and superstars

Have this sneakers for almost ten years, bought them the year i start dating my boyfriend :) i had 16 years old. I loved this sneakers for ever and i was thrilled for having a pair, as you can see they are so old that they had the old kind of rubber, the one that becomes yellow, now the rubber in the front don't turns yellow anymore. This are actually the comfiest pair os sneakers. When i started to see them back i really wanted to give them a try again, with a completely different style, because when i was 16 my style was very sporty i used to wear huge man jeans and trousers, with this sneakers and then as a top i used to wear something very feminine with lace or very tight and over it a adidas jacket like hoodies with zippers and a cap, very hip hop related. Now i really like clean and tailored silhouettes with this kind of sneakers. I was freezing yesterday, the cold days are back here and really appreciated this maxi scarf. Hope you like this look.