Saturday, January 10, 2015

I don't ever wanna be that way, I don't wanna grow up

Realized a few days ago that my beanie and my cardigan match perfectly, i don't usually match statement items like this, 'cause i'm afraid the look turns too boring and too matchy matchy, but i just wanted to wear this both mustard yellow/camel pieces together. This is a relaxed look, so easy too put together a pair of denim shorts, this are Levi's and vintage and a band t-shirt and a cardigan, couldn't be more casual or laid back, but i added some other elements that make the look more interesting such as a white shirt underneath the tee that makes it pop and accentuate the white color present in the look, the chunky UNIF boots that edge things up, the beanie and a pair of round glasses brings a vintage vibe to the look. The cardigan is from Sheinside and you can find it here, is so versatile.   


  1. Nice:) xx

  2. Love your photos!! Just found your blog and it is amazing <3 Started following you <3
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