Friday, December 12, 2014

Just like heaven

How beautiful is this leopard coat from Miss Patina? I'm completely in love with it that i want to try it out with everything, blue jeans and a plain white tee, black jeans and black shirt with chunky boots... As you know i really love Miss Patina is one of my fav brands because every thing looks so vintage and the quality is just amazing, go check them out and find this coat here. The rest of the look is a classic black pleated skirt plus a white buttoned up shirt, the ribbon and the socks give the look a school vibe and the coat is really the key element of the look. hope you like this outfit. 


  1. cute outfit.I think your frilly white socks would look adorable with this look

  2. That coat is so nice!xx
    Holly x

  3. super:) xx