Sunday, December 7, 2014

Grey matter

Hi! Yesterday i went to the first Comic Con in Portugal, i loved it and will put some photos in the blog. Wore this look two days ago and i'm posting the photos now, i didn't really love grey but now i'm starting to like this color very much and one of the reasons i started to wear grey cloths were this cardigan that is my boyfriend's i love the masculine siluette of it and the brown buttons that allows me to add some brown elements to the look i would really like to have some brown bluchers or mocassins to go with it, will have to look for a pair soon. This is the sort of comfy casual look i wear when i don't know what to dress, shorts because they are more comfortable than skirts and this pair (from Front Row Shop) looks so much like a skirt, a interesting shirt to avoid a look that could be too masculine and to bring some cuteness to the look (this one is from Shalex) a pair of chunky socks, this ones match the cardigan perfectly, the cardigan and added some accessories in brown to match the little buttons of the cardigan (the bag is old and the watch is from August Brand). Simple and casual.