Friday, October 10, 2014

We are the Pretty Petty Thieves

You guys already know about my love for tartan, specially for pleated skirts. Almost all my pleated tartan skirts are tailored, the red one is the only exception (i bought it on etsy) i try to find interesting fabrics in cheap prices, this one only const me 2,95€ and i really like for the skirts to fit my body perfectly and tailoring is the only way to have that. This skirt is actually my fav now love this colors:gree, navy and black. Saw this over the knee socks about two days ago in Calzedonia and i had to buy them to pair with this skirt you can't really see in this pics but they are navy and green and the navy part is cable knit. Added a green riboon to match the skirt and socks and a black blazer to break the navy + green palet a little. This white shirt is my fav roght no, it is from Front Row Shop. 


  1. amazing outfit! it fits you very well
    where is the skirt from?

  2. Cool! love the green bow, and the outfit in general <3

  3. I love this outfit so much *-* most the beautiful skirt!

  4. Cute! *-*

  5. your face really do like kendall jenner in these pictures, are there so much people who say that? :)