Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Military school girl

Hi! I love to create looks with black and white as a base and then add some color or print or texture to the outfit, this time i added a military jacket that i think looks cool with school girl vibes, actually the day was to hot to wear a jacket but i wore it anyway because i loved how the look turned out with this element. This jacket is old and it had enormous shoulder pads 5 or 6 years ago i was crazy about big shoulder pads, but now i took the pads off but it still as that shape a little. I love white shirts because they are so practical, this one is so mazing because it's not just a plane white shirt the little details in the shoulders are so cute and they make the shirt look so interesting, it's from Front Row Shop and you can find it here. Well my boyfriend made this cartoon of me last night and he didn't knew what outfit i have chosen for today, and it is so similar, he chose the pieces that he thinks are more me like creepers, my little backpack, my choker and my hat, it's so cool :) the other cartoon is him, he made it a while ago.