Wednesday, September 17, 2014

This summer

Hi! This post is about this summer, pics we took either shooting for the blog, having fun with our friends, having some vacation time... In this pics you get to know me a little bit better, my everyday, my friends and my stupid fears like water fear, i'm so goofy that i have to go to the water full with float things, some for children :D In the first pic you can see me and my friends in a very drunk night :) early this summer, my babe, me fake driving my boyfriend's motorcycle with my daisy helmet, me my abbe and our friend's Rui having dinning Sushi and having fun, some analog pics from our camping trip, the gorgeous place, cooking in the wild, a beautiful little dog we found there, we at our friend Carolina dinner party, my boy stealing fruit (with a very funny face and hat) and some pics of me by babe took. Well the summer ended and i'm so sad xD Hope you like this post.

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