Monday, September 8, 2014

Expose yourself to your deepest fear

Hi! This is another look featuring Animals Wave clothes, love this monochromatic t-shirt, is my first dark grey t-shirt my boyfriend loves this color and he will wear it a lot i'm sure. You can find it here. This look couldn't be more casual and relaxed, plain black jeans, comfy t-shirt and docs. I'm loving this hair style lately, is perfect for the days i don't wash my hair. Hope you like this look. 


  1. You SLAY every outfit you put on. I just got dark lipstick and am trying to make it work-- though its not as flawless as yours!
    Rock on girl, can't wait for new posts

  2. I tie my hair up like that too when I haven't washed it haha. I love the shirt and its cheeky little statement. So casual and comfy


  3. love it ♥