Monday, July 7, 2014

It's the time of the season When love runs high

Hi! Another collegiate/school girl look, this time more elegant with my vintage heels. I have this dress for years and i still love it, the fabric is so good and it's great to wear in fresh summer nights. I try not to post a black and white look again so i had this burgundy ribbon instead of a black one, and i loved the color pallet, found this door/gate and it match exactly the color of the ribbon so had to take my pics there. The last pic was just for fun have so much more making stupid faces and laughing, i'm a very goofy person, before i had a blog i almost didn't had a good photo, because i make lots of funny/stupid faces and poses, didn't even let my boyfriend take pics of me because i was so embarassed, now i let him takes all my pics and we have a great time doing it, well i'm a very goofy person always kidding and having fun. my serious face in this pics i just a farce hahaha. Hope you like this look.

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