Saturday, July 5, 2014

But then a strange fear gripped me And I just couldn't ask

Hi! This is the most gorgeous skirt i've ever seen. It's from FrontRowShop and you can buy it here. When i first saw it on the website i find it gorgeous, but when it arrived and i actally hold it is more than amazing, i'm completely in love with it, the fabric is so good, the colors are perfect. I love midi and maxi skirts, this look reminds me so much of Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker is my fashion idol since well ever! This boots are vintage, from hte 90s and they were actually right below the knee, but i don't like very tall boots and have them cuted and now i love them they are edgy yet delicate, you will see me with them a lot, for sure. The bustier/bralet is from Intimissimi and i have the same in whte too, love lace with florals and silky fabrics. Used this glasses in this photoshoot in a kind of homenage to someone who was very close to my family, a brother to my brother and a son to my mother, who died very young, a week ago, he told me once he loved them and he had a very similar ones for years, he was always with them, Luka you will always be with us. <3


  1. gorgeous look! nice blog!
    following you hun<3

  2. You look adorable! Love the dress!

  3. Seriously amazing, I think I'll go buy that skirt right now!
    You have such a perfect figure too, and I love your long hair.
    Stay dark <3