Friday, July 18, 2014

But it's too late to say you're sorry

Hi! Have this high low skirt for years, when i bought it i loved it and i wore it a lot, then i got tired of it, it wasn't even in my place it was in my parents house, found it this week and fell in love with it again, because it can makes looks so witchy. Took pics past monday in my parents house and the weather was killing me, sososo hot, i had to wear only this very little brallet that i got on ebay. The main piece in this look is the cross necklace, isn't it gorgeous? Such a statement piece! It's from Hellahollics, such as the other elegant necklace with the quartz and all three rings. The cross necklace is so versatile because i can use it long like this but it can also be a choker. Hope you like this withchy vibes look.


  1. Great look! You look amazing!

    x Dawn

  2. perf!! xox